Hensel C-Light 2000 Kit

  • Artnr: 7023608

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Small and lightweight halogen lamp heads, perfect for DSLR videography. Light output adjustable per changeable filament (300W, 650W & 1000W), switchable fan for critical live sound recordings. This set is idealy suited to fast but sincere video productions. 

This kit includes:
2x C-Light 1000 (code no. 3608)
1x Economy umbrella (code no. 3180)
1x Umbrella flood reflector (code no. 87)
1x 7“ reflector (code no. 504)
1x 4-wing barn door (code no. 5044)
2x Aluminium stand III (code no. 200)
1x Softbag-e (code no. 4205)
Cable set